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Learning Solutions to bring education into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Unlearn With Us (UWU) Learning Solutions works with school districts, administrators and educators to unlearn the current education system founded on colonialism to create personalized and inclusive learning spaces for all learners.

REIGNITE Learning Program

REIGNITE is a program that focuses on relationships first and personalized learning for youth. REIGNITE uses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Global Competencies to help at risk and marginalized youth reignite their inner flame, curiosity, creativity and love of learning. The program will help build confidence in youth and level the playing field in numeracy and literacy learning lost during the pandemic. UWU Learning Solutions will work with Student Success programs and educators to create personalized learning environments where youth use their strengths, passions and motivators to work on passion projects that connect them to their communities. Embedded in this program are numeracy and literacy development and credit accumulation.


This workshop focuses on the fundamentals of the REIGNITE program. We will discuss the philosophy behind the model, educators will have the opportunity to reflect on their teaching practice and current views on education.


This workshop focuses on understanding the day to day on the REIGNITE program. Educators will understand the program and how it works in and outside of the classroom. Educators will start to think about how they will implement the program or adapt the program for their learning environment.


This workshop looks at assessment and evaluation for personalized learning environments. The focus is on triangulation and process and personal reflection.

Planning and Coaching

Rebecca and her team will work with educators to revamp, rework, refresh current programs or can help provide guidance and assistance in creating new programs to modernize the classroom.

Please note: All workshops can be tailored to meet specific needs. Please contact us for more details and specifics. The topics above are a sample of some of the workshops that UWU can offer.

Thank you so much for sharing all of your learning (or unlearning) and stepping stones that got you to where you are now Rebecca! I appreciated the format: you went back to the beginnings- your inspirations, your why, and what your class looked like at the beginning…and each phase detailed what you changed, your progression to where you are now. I appreciated also all the resources- videos- and the detailed notes, ex. the day to day of each phase- extremely helpful for me. The hangouts and one on ones in which I participated were helpful, encouraging and motivating…teachers are doing such great things out there! It also is encouraging as far as creating a support system..people I can reach out to for help when needed. I can’t say there was anything that didn’t work for me…info. was clear…I love the honesty and authenticity of the whole process..that will be of help personally for myself …not having to make it all perfect now- I realize – as was said in the last phase- it is stepping stones- so this is where I will start…a few stones at a time! THANK YOU REBECCA!!! I really appreciate all your time and effort!

K. Hewitt high school teacher

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